I don’t know about you, but I keep waiting for god/Chuck to come around and be the God of our religious upbringings; being the supreme of what is righteous and good! Let’s get it straight for the purpose of our favorite show and this blog! THIS GOD IS NOT GOOD! HE is selfish, petty, mean and when you put it all together it equals TOTAL DICK!  He might be the biggest ‘dick’ we’ve ever seen because…well…he IS god! We pick up this episode with god/Chuck holding Eileen and Sam prisoner in the death casino. (Minus all the bodies) Chuck is annoyed that the wound Sam gave him has connected them both, but is figuring that something inside Sam is keeping him from ‘seeing’ what Sam is up to. And keeping him tethered to Earth! (Doesn’t god see all?) Anyway, Chuck hasn’t figured out what it is, so he admits to putting Eileen into the mix to get close to Sam so he can keep an eye on him through her! Yup, the prick even paved the way for the two of them to share ‘feelings’ for each other!

     Dean and Cas are prepping to go to Purgatory to get the Leviathan blossom needed to complete the spell to lock god away, but Dean wants to delay the trip when he tracks Sam’s phone and discovers Chuck has them prisoner. Cas, ever the solider, urges Dean to stay on task, and not go in against god with no plan. Dean reluctantly agrees, a bit disarmed by Cas’ terse tone when he advises Dean not to “…be stupid!”

     God meanwhile is going to try to cut the wound out of Sam, but can’t do it himself! Sam gets under his skin by telling him he likes to watch…so god admits it, and forces Eileen to cut away at the wound in Sam’s upper left shoulder. My question here is, if the wound connects them, why didn’t Chuck feel the same pain that Sam did? God is strumming the guitar and Sam tells him his impending death doesn’t matter; god will just bring him back and try again, to which god borrows a line from Dean and yells, “Son-of-a-bitch!” in frustration. Then, Chuck figures it out! Sam has hope…and hope, the very thing our religious tradition teaches us, is what makes him so defiant and impenetrable! Again, why wasn’t god able to see this when he first encountered Sam?

     Dean and Cas get to Purgatory through Michael’s door, and encounter a Leviathan who leads them into a trap for “Mother” Eve, who has a score to settle! No greatest-hits here though. We don’t see Eve and the monster informs our guys that Dean’s buddy Benny is dead—killed by his own kind. Dean is knocked out during an attack and Cas is missing when he awakens. Dean says a moving prayer, in which he forgives Cas and apologizes for being so mean and angry, and allowing Cas to walk away in the first place. Turns out that Cas lured the baddies away and got away from them with a blossom to boot. The two get back to the bunker after sharing a hug and some sentiment, they perform the spell that gives Cas the “Mark of Cain” needed to complete the ritual that will lock god away in the cage!

    God now has to show Sam what life will be like for them IF they beat him! Why would he need to do this? If he is writing this, how could he possibly conceive of being defeated by 2 of his own creation…UNLESS IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE? Maybe it has happened in every other world that god/Chuck has created! (Just a theory.) He has to convince Sam not to go this route, so he shows Sam with visions, scenarios from January 2021- December 9th, 2022, when the story ends.

It is a dark time. The world seems over-run with monsters, who are winning. We see a bloody Jody saying “Claire is dead.” We hear Dean talk about locking Cas (with the MOC) in a Malek box, and add that Bobby and Jody have a ‘death wish.’ Finally, we see our two boys as vamps, fighting off their own friends. Dean kills Jody after she shoots Sam…Bobby cuts Sam’s head off…and apparently, that’s enough to convince Sam that this is not the way he wants to go.

    God even feigns sentimentality regarding our heroes, telling Sam, “I want better for you both!” They are his “favorite show!” What if the show up to now has always ended with god losing? This is why he keeps coming back to it in different versions; To figure out one where HE WINS? At present, he has convinced Sam that dark forces prevail without him and that everyone they love dies! (But isn’t that the case anyway? At least the latter part?)

     Dean and Cas come to the casino for the rescue and god is there. Sam has the sphere and all he’s got to do is use it finish the spell and to God, but he has been beaten to a hopeless pulp and can’t do it,  having seen what god wanted him to see. His “hopelessness” heals Chuck and himself. God declares he’s free now, having seen this movie play out so many times! (in my opinion!) Dean gets nose-to-nose with him and declares it won’t end like god wants it! God responds, “We’ll see” and disappears for now. Eileen ends up leaving the bunker, cuz the poor thing doesn’t know what’s real or not anymore, but she and Sam shared a warm, loving kiss! Now, back to square one, our heroes will try to figure out another way!

    Enter Jack in ‘the empty’ with Billie the death reaper saying, “We need to talk!” Is Jack the key? In none of god’s scenarios revealed to Sam is Jack even a part! Jack is the ultimate, ultimate creation; the mixture of god’s greatest hits, arc-angels and humans! When at full power, he reached into the empty and awakened Cas. (god himself has no jurisdiction there!) Jack made everyone in the world honest with one wish and  killed Mary with a thought! What can’t he do??? Why did god dust him off so quickly? Maybe because he knows Jack’s role will be major in his being over-thrown? What do you think! This final season is winding down, and I am expecting a big, fantastic finish!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

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Is "Our Father…" running a little scared?

God murdered all but one person on his casino visit!

The opening scene in the mid-season finale’ of Supernatural is indicative of what a ‘tool’ this version of God really is! In a scene which slowly pans dead body’s spread throughout a casino, we see a nervous hand putting the finishing touches on a Tequila sunrise or other fruity drink. She slowly makes her way over to Chuck/god, who is winning every pull of a couple of 5.00 slot machines and warning the sole surviving employee of the casino not to upset him, and to keep the drinks coming! It’s something you would expect Lucifer or Crowley to do; certainly not the benevolent God we’ve come to know and love! This, in my view, is the brilliance of the producers and writers making us think, “What if the creator of the universe is a DICK?” If you had your doubts about who Chuck/god is, you no longer have them after this chilling scene!

We see the reunions and routine stuff that we’ve come to expect this final season. (Is it just me, or are the guys taking more than their share of butt whippings from the monsters?) If Chuck/god is writing this, he seems to want Sam and Eileen to become lovers, only to rudely take her away from him. (Just my thoughts.) Thanks to Dean’s idea about the demon tablet, which locks every super-human entity where they belong, our heroes reach out to the prophet Donatello, who can read the tablet, of course. He is very reluctant to take on the job, but he discovers that Metatron (god’s scribe) noticed that god was keeping something about his own vulnerability a closely guarded secret; a secret he shared with his then favorite, Michael! While the guys probe him for more info, Chuck/god possesses Donatello to give Sam, Dean and Cas a warning not to pursue this route! Undeterred, our guys realize they’ll need Michael, who of course fell into the cage with Lucifer/Sam many seasons ago, and reportedly went nuts while there!

Donatello is god’s meat suit for a moment

Dean, Sam and Cas go to hell (after Sam whips up a quick spell) to see if Michael is still inside the cage and get beaten to within inches of their lives by some pretty strong demons, until a screeching voice tells them to “STOP!” Our greatest hits continue with Rowena, who’s back in an all-red jump suit, her features sharp and evil! She has ‘taken’ the “Queen of Hell” role, after her soul was banished there! Michael is nowhere to be found. His meat-suit, Adam is on earth, talking with his arc-angel self while enjoying a burger and pizza at a restaurant.

Rowena still likes our guys! Thank goodness!

Eileen is back in the bunker and contacted for help by an old hunter friend, Sue, who says she’ll need help from her clearing a vampire nest. Eileen says she will help if she is free. This one bites us later, because it’s Chuck/god’s trap to lure Eileen and Sam to him. We also get young adult Lilith back. She comes to the restaurant to meet Michael and bring him to see his father! (A Demon is god’s messenger!) Lilith tries to pressure him and ends up being turned to a pile of dust, which Donatello feels profoundly! The prophet gets on the phone with Dean and finally pinpoints the bounding angel to Cairo, Egypt!

Cas calls to Michael to bring him to this side of the world…of course Mike won’t be happy in lieu of the whole ‘ass-butt’ thing! But this Cas is now the relentless soldier that we first met. After luring Michael, who is still having trouble believing god is now the enemy, he traps him with angel fire and angel cuffs, while our boys try to recruit him in the impending final fight! After tricking Michael to get angry and close enough to him for a mind-meld, Cas reveals the truth to Michael, who eventually agrees to help lock his dick of a father away, like they did to Amara!

Michael has the spell to lock god away, (conveniently in a jacket pocket) but the main ingredient is a Leviathan blossom, which can only be found in purgatory! Michael snaps and creates a rip right into monster-land but won’t be joining Dean and Cas on their trip! Meanwhile, god/Chuck reveals himself to Sam and Eileen!  What’s up with that? That’s where we’re left! So what now?

Chuck/god is writing a very tricky story, if he’s writing all of this one. What is his writing and what isn’t? The guys must be getting close to his ‘real’ secrets if he has to possess Donatello to warn them off! We still haven’t heard from team Jack, Billie or Lucifer, who were in the empty the last time we saw them. Nor has Amara (who is god’s equal) been called to help her soft spot, Dean! What does god have up his sleeve? Can all of the above now be teamed up to fight god??? Another thing: Are Nephilim’s so despised/feared in the lore because they have all the powers God does? (The mixture of his greatest creations?) Could Jack be being prepped to take on god’s role? I’m just spit-balling! What do you think?

Eric ‘FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

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"Last Call" means "Clarity" (I think!)

As I reflect on this episode, I wonder if it was presenting us clues as to just how good, or poor, god/chuck’s writing skills are; if he’s actually writing this as part of the final chapters. (We all know, he is…I think!) We begin in Texhoma, Texas, where young friends Sally, who is very drunk, and Angela, who is about to drive them both home from “BB’s Sugar Bar” are joined and exiting this dive. Sally goes off to barf near the trash cans, while Angela goes to the car to wait. Sally has one last heave, and turns to find the car and her friend, have vanished! Very typical kind of beginning to a “monster of the week” type Supernatural show, but this one drove home a lot more about god/Chuck seeming to want to strengthen the resolve of his characters, IF indeed, he is writing all this! (We KNOW he is…I think!) We next see Angela strapped to a chair and an IV tube running from her up to an iron door with a small opening, where a man-lizard-like beast is coming up and drinking her blood as it drips! (Insert SPN weekly victim scream here!)

Dean is bored stiff. He needs some action. He finds the ‘Missing Angela’ story and was attracted mainly because he found Angela, “attractive!” So he heads out to the Texhoma area…and we get a little comedy, as the goofy sheriff says the case is a big nothing burger, because Sally thinks her friend was ‘raptured.’ The sheriff adds that he could have gone to Hollywood and been the next “Denzel” and tells Dean that he has the look that could have made him a movie star! Yes! Dean it seems, is being cast as the “Action Hero!”

The big kicker is the next bar Dean is drawn to as he investigates this missing person case is called “Swayze’s!” We know how Dean feels about that name and the “Roadhouse!” It’s complete with an old ‘hunter-turned-singer’ friend, Lee…(played by country star Christian Kane), who of course, gets Dean up on stage to belt out a tune! (Jensen Ackles is an accomplished singer himself!) Finally, there’s the attractive, flirtatious staff member! Everything Dean could want! Good or bad writing? Hmmmmm.

Back at the bunker. ‘Sensitive Sam’ and Eileen are bonding. They were always a little flirty with each other, but right now, love seems in the air because the timing is ‘just right!’ Sam has brought Eileen back from the dead. He needs to feel less guilt for all the stuff that has happened and the friends, like Rowena, lost. Eileen feels quite grateful for what he did for her, and now she is ready to have some fun! (Wink, wink!) Just when they are about to give in to natural vulnerabilities and desires, Cas enters the bunker! (God/Chuck can be cruel! If he is writing this…And we KNOW he is…I think!) Cas is looking for Dean but is a little shocked to see Eileen whom he remembers was dead. They catch him up on the re-emergence Eileen, God and Lilith.

Cas is now the determined, absolute, angel we first met in season 4! He thinks he can link Sam’s wound to god/Chuck, but injures Sam gravely when he uses his angel light to probe the wound. Cas, then calls an old friend, the Russian, Sergei, who stiffed him on their last transaction, to help bring Sam out of this life-threatening coma with some magic. Cas is total gangsta with Sergei in convincing him to lend his expertise with the threat of death. Then, never to be burned twice, he makes an additional phone call after hanging up with Sergei. It was “plan B!” We would find out what it was later. Sergei, about as trustworthy as a coiled King Cobra, sees that Sam is grave, and tries to strong arm Cas into allowing him to take possession of some magical books and materials from the MOL Bunker before curing Sam. Cas counters with a phone pic of someone close to Sergei, saying that he could make 1 phone call and have her ended!

Thanks to gangsta Cas, Sergei revives Sam, who recalls seeing some moments from the recent life of god/Chuck while comatose. (They’re connected like Voldemort and Harry Potter!) Anyway, ‘Sensitive Sam’s’ take-away is that because of this “break” they can now beat god/Chuck! (Sam is ever optimistic, and we KNOW god/chuck is writing this…I think!)

The tie off here is that back in Texas, Lee, who is the ex-hunter friend, has kidnapped and killed Angela by sacrificing her blood to a pagan monster, whom he calls, “Mary???” Really? Come on God! (We all KNOW…he’s writing this…I think!) The human sacrifices are made in exchange for Lee’s good fortune! Anyway, Dean gets too close after discovering Angela’s body in the trunk of her own car at the junkyard, drained dry! Dean is jumped from behind by Lee and awakens strapped to the same chair as Angela; same IV dripping blood to his friend. Dean is cool and calm; Eastwood, Arnold and Swayze rolled into one. He tips the chair and somehow gets loose before the now angry monster escapes. His facial expression has no worry at all! We don’t see the battle, only a shot from the other side of the door as the monster’s head rolls out to the room that holds his selfish, back-stabbing, murderous, friend! Their movie-like shoot-fight showdown, complete with “I’m out…and by my count…so are you!” line, ends with Dean killing Lee, pretty much without breaking a sweat!

Now, Sam is believing his team can beat god/Chuck because he’s in God’s head! He’s also about to get busy with Eileen! Dean is a super action hero who is an emotionless realist and “doesn’t have time to lose to the monsters!” But is he all that? Cas is absolute in his determination to help resolve this matter, yet his power is fading. Chuck seems to be writing his characters into the exact corners that he wants them. If he’s writing this! (And we all KNOW he is…I think!)

Eric “FeelingSupernatural”Clemons

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“Golden Time” is decision-time!

In this final season of our favorite show, we once again find an episode that reunites us happily with a character and even a few ‘familiar faces.’ In addition, we see Sam, Dean and Cas dig into their ‘destinies’ with a bit more bite by the time this episode ends. It starts with a girl breaking into (with magic) and searching Rowena’s apartment for something. All she finds is a spell which makes her bleed from everywhere and die before she can get back out: trip unsuccessful.

Cas has long left the bunker and is somewhere around Idaho fishing and blending in. He stumbles onto a missing person’s case where the sheriff seems quite indifferent to the fact that a child is missing, shrugging it off to teenage drunkenness! Cas goes full ‘fake FBI’ mode and is doing all he can to be a Winchester and save this person- if he can.

Dean meanwhile, is just slouching around, devouring cereal and watching “Scooby-Doo” reruns! Jensen Ackles (Dean) also has another physically comedic bit as he takes in a mouthful of very stale cereal. He has all but given up figuring out a strategy because god/Chuck seems to be creating every move our heroes make from here on in; or is he? Sam, ever hopeful that they can beat god, senses a presence around him…and on his morning run, our ‘greatest hits’ continues with the ghost of Eileen appearing! Like Kevin before her, she escaped hell, but can’t go to heaven because god/Chuck has paused the game and once a soul is downstairs, it’s not allowed up without the ‘big fella’s’ permission. So she can go back to hell or go crazy like ghosts to when they remain on this plane too long!

Sam and Dean decide to get Eileen inside one of the crystals used in trapping souls in the past, but they have to search Rowena’s house to see if she had one. Dean is glad to let Sam go this one alone and sit at the bunker and veg! Cas is ever dutiful as a “hunter.” He is combing evidence and meets the mother of the missing teen (also a face from a past episode)…Cas even pulls the fake FBI routine with Dean acting as the supervisor when the sheriff called to verify. It was his first time speaking to Cas since their blow up! We got the sense of a kind of an apology, when he tells Cas that Chuck is back and adds, “Answer your phone!” As Sam has made every effort to contact him.

Cas eventually tracks an area where a number of people have gone missing! Turns out the culprit is the sheriff, who happens to be a Jhen. The missing boy witnessed him up to no good and hid to save his own life! Cas determines who he is (at least while he still has powers) as he overpowers and eventually goes ‘Manson’ on the monster with an angel blade! He weakens himself after repairing the boy’s broken ankle and repelling a few bullets to the chest from the sheriff, but determines he will stay away no longer!  He has to “Get back in the game!” Meaning to me that he is heading back to the bunker to help his best friends any way he can, no matter what Dean thinks of him. It’s the first time in quite a while that Cas is definitive…and RIGHT! Actually, he was definitive and right in killing Balfagor, but Dean made him feel all wrong!

Sam and Eileen run into a bad witch, who is staking out Rowena’s apartment because she knows there’s some top-notch witch ingredients inside. Upon searching and finding with the help of his ghost-friend Eileen, Sam decides to try the same spell that Rowena was unsuccessful using to revive Mary after Jack killed her! The Scottish witch, (A character actress from a few past episodes), was determined to get all the goodies and kill Sam in the process. The witch has an assistant that Sam connects with, but she peeps his game and uses a magic straw Sam doll to inflict some pain. The showdown sees Sam and Eileen in trouble, as he’s being killed by the spell of the evil witch and Eileen is being strangled by the ghost of the witch who died at the top of the episode! (Evil witch has decided to revive her.) Dean to the rescue, armed with witch-killing bullets!

Sam forces a hex bag down the throat of Ms. Evil and she is toast! Dean finally got off his ass to take some provocative action! Sam is determined to remain as sensitive as ever, and eventually uses Rowena’s old spell to bring Eileen back from the dead! It was very touching and almost romantic as she exited the tub nude and Sam turns away, only to receive a big, tender hug after Eileen wraps herself in a towel. The episode ends with some powerful points between the brothers. Dean is still doubtful, because the enemy is god/Chuck! How do you beat god? But Sam makes some good points! Perhaps choice can alter any story! He believes he and Dean can win if they continue to break the rules and defy the odds. Dean is skeptical, but he can get with him and his little brother against the world! Having Cas back in the fold, if he is indeed coming back, will certainly help! I would send some prayers up to Amara if I were Dean…Just saying!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

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This one ain’t got much to do with “Proverbs 17:3” Or does it?

From the opening comedic sequence of this episode, where Dean looks like something out of a situation comedy episode as he struggles to withstand the heat of “ghost pepper jerky,” to dealing with the ‘monsters of the week,’ a pair of Werewolf brothers, all of it was just background to the major point of the episode; God/Chuck has determined that he wants his ‘favorite boys’ the Winchesters, to kill each other!  The title of the episode, if you read various versions of Proverbs 17:3, means that God wants to know your heart, and that is what you’ll ultimately be judged by; the intent of your heart!

Now, playing ‘Devil’s Advocate,’ if God is writing or has already written your life story, why would he need to judge you at all? He already knows the outcome! He already knows your heart! WE know the heart of the Winchesters lays in hunting monsters and saving innocent lives! So, if Chuck has taken over writing the story again, we find Sam and Dean unable to locate Cas and off on a hunt after the two out of 3 girls on an annual camping trip were attacked and killed, then God knew the ‘hearts’ of Sam and Dean would want to catch and kill the bad guys!

Anywho, we get another dream sequence from Sam. This time, Dean sneaks up behind him as Lucifer (white suite, red eyes, slicked hair and all) and blows his brains out from behind with the Colt, which apparently can kill everything but arc-angels! Sam raises his head off the table, closes the hole in it and says, “Did you really think that would work?” This time Dean catches fire from the feet up, as Satan lights him up! It seems that God really is planting the seed into Sam’s head that he will return to his demon blood days and kill his older brother! Dean used the Colt on Lucifer once before (in this real universe) and it didn’t work!

More comedy lightens the adventure, as Dean decides he and Sam will pose as ‘very young’ fish and wildlife officers. Dean is convinced he looked the same, and everyone who sees the fake I.D. questions whether it’s him. I see Jensen Ackles easily moving into more comedic roles after his SPN days. His facial expressions and physical comedy are priceless! (I’ll always remember the scream with the cat!) Dean and his brother don’t pussy foot around anymore with victims; they tell ‘em all about the monsters out there, as Dean does with, Ashley,  the sole survivor of this horror camping trip. Now, Dean vows to keep her safe, because one of the offending pack tells her that telling anyone will make them return and kill her. (He leaves a scratch on her cheek just for emphasis!)

That really strikes at the heart of the Winchesters! They save people! God knows it…and so does the Ashley, who always seems a heartbeat away from being killed. The wolf brothers find her stashed away at a cabin where Sam and Dean have put her. They take her hostage and have a final showdown with our heroes, whom they are beating in the final battle…however, one of the werewolf brothers has a ‘heart,’ and just before his brother eats Dean’s, shoots him dead with a silver bullet from Dean’s gun, and then turns the gun on himself; the second week in a row that the bad guy gave himself up! Sam was suspicious from the start. He thinks something is hinky about the case; that’s it all fell into place too easily! Everyone watching was right in line with Sam’s thinking.

Turns out, Sam’s intuition is still intact. Ashely is traumatized by the goings on, and falls on some sharp deer antlers while pulling away from Dean, killing herself…but she rises up and reveals that she is indeed another ‘greatest hit’ from the show! Meet Lilith, the powerful demon killed by Sam as the final act in resurrecting the devil years ago. She’s no longer wearing the dental-hygienist, but was sent by god-Chuck to play with the guys’ emotions and earn their trust. (Cuz God knows the Winchesters!)  She has been sent to find and destroy the god-gun. God has ordered her not to kill them, which she can very easily do, but instead, she toys with our boys by tossing them around the area and putting friendly slices on the face and body of Dean as she attempts to get him to give up the weapon’s location.  

We get another Sam dream here whilst he is out cold! This time, Dean has returned to his demon days armed with the Mark of Cain and the ‘First Blade’ and he goes black-eyed and kills Sam! He awakes from the dream like he’d been under water for too long! He chases down Lilith and Dean and shoots the demon with a trap bullet. Lilith eventually spits out the bullet and deduces that the gun is in the glove box of ‘Baby.’ She then melts the only weapon that can hurt God right before their eyes! Sam starts to figure that he and God, because of the God-gun wound they both share, are ‘connected’ like Voldemort and Harry Potter! Sam might be tuned in to God’s thoughts.  He’s seeing all the possible ‘endings’ to God’s favorite story. How do our heroes fight an all-powerful; albeit weakened God? I wanna see how they or anyone else ‘human’ can do that? Like Sam and Dean, we in the audience feel a sense of powerlessness over what our heroes face around the next bend; a bend totally controlled by Chuck-god!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

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Who would think the final ‘enemy’ would be God himself?

“Atomic Monsters” featured the usual ‘hits’ that have been presented to us in this 15th and final season of Supernatural. We got all-star visits from ‘Benny the no-longer-a-vampire’ and Becky Rosen, formerly Sam Winchester’s and Chuck’s number one fan! And we got our obligatory ‘monster of the week,’ a teenage vampire who happened to strike at a high school in Beaverdale, Iowa! This final season has been full of appearances from goodies and baddies of the past, and this one was not an exception.

The episode began ominously enough, as we open on a ‘code red’ sequence at the MOL bunker. Dean (all bearded up) is stalking the red-lit bunker, being a total bad ass, killing demons as if he was in one of those dark super-hero movies. The MOL bunker had somehow been infiltrated and we even saw “Benny” the likable Dean soul-mate vamp,” but this time as a wounded warrior who dies in front of Dean as a result of injuries suffered during this battle. Dean has had enough and wants to face down the leader of these demons once and for all. He finally confronts Sam! (Who is very Lucifer-like in his demeanor). Dean says Sam has done away with Bobby, Sheriff Mills, Cas and others. Sam also adds, “…They tried to stop me…I will not be stopped.” After Dean tells Sam it’s the demon blood making him behave like this and urges him to fight it!  Sam, with eyes full demon black, snaps the neck of a hunter sneaking up from behind and then does the same to his big brother! Dean is dead in a heap! We then see Sam wake up from this nightmare! (This is the second time we see Sam have this flash…Only the first time, I didn’t clearly see the body falling to the floor as Dean.)

After coming to join Dean for breakfast, we learn that Sam is doing that Winchester thing; feeling very responsible for the deaths of Jack and Rowena…and this adventure proved a clear example of things not necessarily being as they appear; from names to monsters! Dean convinces Sam to join him on a hunt where a body was found ripped to shreds at a ‘Beaverdale, Iowa.’ Yes! As crass as that might sound after we find out the murder victim was a cheerleader,  we saw Dean trick Sam into eating real, not vegetarian bacon and proclaim himself, “The Meat Man,” which Sam earlier tells him means something different today than Dean means when he proclaims the title! “Beaverdale” is a school full of cute cheerleaders, which included the 2nd victim, who had been kidnapped! A couple of parents seemingly concerned about their son trying to get a Lacrosse scholarship are actually protecting him because he is the monster Sam and Dean seek; a vampire! Sam and Dean initially thought it was the father of the family doing the dirty deeds, but Billy (the teenage lacrosse star) actually killed his girlfriend, unable to resist the vampire urge and knows he can’t stop killing! The parents complicated things by kidnapping another girl and feeding him her blood. Anyway, it was kinda ‘monster of the week’ that we’ve become so immune to over the past 3-4 seasons. Billy actually volunteered to be beheaded by Dean to save hardship for his parents. Nice and neat wrap to that hunt!

The real reveal was the return of Becky. Now married to a nice geeky guy with 2 kids between them, she is sending the clan off on a fishing trip to get some alone time to catch up, and who is there, but Chuck! The wounded ‘creator of all things,’ has come to have his fragile ego stroked by his former number one fan and girlfriend! Becky wants no parts of him, but Chuck draws her sympathy and comes inside her nice suburban home to talk and catch up. Chuck admits that he has fallen out with Sam and Dean and is really lost. Becky, who has undergone extensive therapy and become a strong independent person, encourages Chuck (not knowing that he is God) to keep writing about his favorite subject; The Winchesters, whom she has written some fan fiction about and has made some money designing “Supernatural Toys and Figures.”  

It appears that God is writing the very episode we’re watching. (So our boys are pawns in God’s sick game again! Or is that me overthinking?) Becky thinks the story doesn’t have enough bite and adds that the villains are kind of weak. Chuck did not take kindly to this blow to his ego, and when inspired to write again, he alters the story, creating an ending that didn’t sit well with his former superfan! Becky demands that he not do this to Sam and Dean and exclaims that the story is way too ‘dark.’ Then, the real evil comes out. Chuck, looking like “The Grinch who stole Christmas” tells her that he can do ‘anything’ because he is “God!” Up to now, she thinks he’s only a prophet who lost his ability to see the future! This is just when her husband returns home and God makes him disappear. He does the same to her children and eventually, to Becky herself! At least Chuck exclaims that they aren’t dead, just gone away! Can he explain how much of a DICK he is? Is there a single person in the fandom of this show that likes him now? Doubt it! Did I say, GOD IS A DICK???

I don’t know SPN fans. How do you battle the creator of all things? Even in a weakened state, stranded here on Earth, he (God/Chuck) can command anything to happen and make it so. I’m sure there is much discomfort among those who may be more religious to see God be such an ego-maniacal prick! But there it is. At least he is not at full strength. I am wondering if Sam and Dean can have a happy ending when it’s all said and done! Will we have any trips ‘down memory lane’ next week? What is God up to? Don’t forget, we haven’t seen Jack, Shadow, Lucifer or Billy so far and Amara; perhaps the only one in the universe who can handle her brother, is off into a trip amongst the casinos of Lake Tahoe! Where does it all go from here? What show makes God the enemy of man? Our show! Do you like this story arc? I am anxious to find out where it goes. What do you think? Let me know.

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

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“The Rupture” leaves me with a dreadful feeling of the inevitable

From the play on the words of the ultimate finale of the bible, “The Rapture,” where all souls are called to judgement, this episode crams in a lot of loss, and even more ‘callings to judgement’; so much so that I didn’t have time to process it all as I was watching! I guess, with this being the final season, the entirety of it couldn’t rest on trying to get demented souls back to hell!  While I enjoyed it, some of it felt kind of crammed. Ultimately, favorites are returned, and even created only to leave us with a feeling of loss because they are taken away in an instant! I was painfully reminded; “This is the final season!”

Already we’ve learned that Kevin Tran was tortured and sent to hell by Chuck/god himself, then released to the world (to eventually go crazy) because he’s not allowed in heaven! (Bye, poor tortured Kevin!) In this episode, we add a few more (favorites???) to that list. Even though I never trusted Balfagor, I personally liked his shady-dealing, Crowley-like character and seeing ‘Jack’ (at least his meat suit) in a very different light than that of the innocent 4-year-old who struggled with social acceptance and nuance. It turns out, newfound helper demon ‘Balfy’ wanted the ultimate hell power; to use Lillith’s crook to call all those escaped souls back to hell and right inside of him! His mistake was demanding that Cas accompany him on this mission. He only needed Cas to sing Enochian to open Lilith’s box to get the horn.

In the meantime, Ardat, a powerful demon, has hired the money-hungry Ketch, to find Balfagor and let her know of his whereabouts. Ketch, recovering from Dean’s iron bullet gunshot wounds in a nearby hospital, is found by Ardat and refuses to give up his frenemies, whom he has been helping battle all of hell’s released souls; he pays the price by having his beating heart ripped right out of his chest! Another (favorite) one we love to hate and hate to love, gone in an instant! Our only potential saving grace is, “Does anyone ever really die in Supernatural?” Ardat after getting intel from Dean posing as Ketch via text, interrupts Balfagor’s attempt to gain hell-power. (Perhaps she wants it for herself!) After she does some serious punching and kicking to both Cas and Balfy, she is finally killed by the latter, who would be eventually overpowered and fried by Cas, who never liked his occupation of Jack’s dead body in the first place. (Balfy was going to be a big problem with all that power.)

For the serious heart-wrenching stuff, we have Rowena! In all her extreme selfishness and evil, saddling up to anyone who can do her bidding, her fear of Lucifer helped her to lock empathetic souls with Sam! She had failed earlier while trying to cast a spell to disperse the hell-souls, saying they were too hateful, plentiful and powerful for any magic to work. But she could do one last thing; sacrifice herself in a spell similar to the one Dean used as the ultimate ‘soul-bomb’ in an effort to destroy Amara…and as prophecy stated, Sam had to be the one to kill Rowena. Most of us had come to like Rowena, who in light of the abuse at the hands of Lucifer, and most everyone in her earthly life, seemed to have a less-selfish side to her when she and Sam admitted their fears and loathing of ‘the devil.’  Now, she and Sam work together like two seasoned witches, and Sam, against every fiber in his body, has to stab her after Rowena had removed her final resurrection hex bag.

Like Sam when he gained mental control over Lucifer in season 4, a dying Rowena says her good-byes and gracefully falls into the pit, where she will die and release the souls where they belong. A dramatic, and sad scene; For me, it wasn’t so much sadness for Rowena, whose free spirit and newfound strength I had grown to like, but for Sam, who once again, is feeling guilt and torment over his hand in the ultimate solution to a major problem created by ‘The Almighty!’

Once again, one of our boys has misplaced anger, but instead of it being levied at his brother, Dean has taken direct aim at Cas! He blames his angel brother for ‘not following the plan!’, even as Cas tries to explain to him that the plan changed because Balfagor was making a power play. Cas admits that there doesn’t seem to be any trust from Dean, who offered him up like fish-bait to join Balfagor in hell when their plan was hatched. Balfagor (in typical demon fashion), planted a seed into Cas’ mind when he suggests there is no longer any love from the Winchesters. Dean is very angry, still ultimately blaming Cas for Mary’s death! So in keeping with Supernatural tradition, all of the moves Sam and Dean make, even the bad ones, are out of love for each other! Sam drinks demon blood to kill Lilith; Sam jumps into the pit; Dean says “Yes” to Michael; Dean becomes a demon out of rage and guilt. And that’s just a few! Now, Cas, who rightfully kills Balfagor, is allowed to walk away because Dean is angry! Here we go again!

Now, I look forward to what direction we’ll be turned to. There are no ghosts or bd souls remaining, right? Cas is in the wind. Amara is in the wind! God is weakened. Sam is weakened. Dean is pissed! And once again, our heroes face the world….ALONE!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.